This Policeman Has Condemned George Floyd’s Murderers; Urges Others To Do The Same

There’s at least one good cop in America.

The protests and race riots over in America continued last night and one of the enduring themes of the narrative seems to be that a lot of the cops don’t think they’re doing anything wrong and that their actions at the moment are justified.

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Thankfully though, this isn’t the case everywhere as the video below shows. The video features a policeman talking directly to the camera about how he is condemning how his colleagues handled the George Floyd situation and calling on other cops who feel the same way to make videos speaking in solidarity with this idea.

Unfortunately he was asked to take it down by his superiors – says it all really – but thankfully someone ripped it and has already shared it on Twitter:

Yeah, I get the point that it really shouldn’t be a news story that other policeman feel this way, but in case you haven’t realised this yet then the fact that it IS news is pretty much the whole issue here, especially after it was shut down by his superiors. Hopefully his message gets out there and more cops come forward to share their solidarity, but given the culture over there I’m sadly not sure how many of them even agree with that idea.

For more of the same, check out this supercut of all the police brutality over there from the weekend. See what I mean?


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