Police Are Warning Everyone To Stay Away From These ‘Contaminated’ Chupa Chups Pills

There’s always the fear when you do pills that you might get a bad one and it could severely screw your entire life up, but for the most part the vast majority of stuff you’re going to be sold is going to be good – why would a drug dealer deliberately sell you a bad pill? It’s only going to be bad for business.

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Occasionally though some evil dudes decide to flood the market with nasty pills and this has happened once again, specifically targeting Brighton and the Gay Pride event this weekend. The pills are the Chupa Chups ones that you can see above and the Sussex police have said the following about them:

Chupa Chups

Those other substances don’t exactly sound that bad, but I suppose if you’re not ready for them then they could completely blow your mind – and not in a good way.

On a side note, it’s nice that the police decided to let the work experience kid come up with the poster design isn’t it? I reckon they’ve probably got an art and design GCSE or whatever as well judging by the look of it. Truly spectacular stuff.

For more pills, check out this documentary that might make you think twice about doing them again. For real.


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