You’ll Think Twice About Taking Pills After Watching This New Documentary


Too much of a good thing.

Ecstasy is one of the essentials for a good night out at a rave amongst young (and old) people these days, but recently it’s been coming up in the headlines again for the wrong reasons, as deaths related to the drug in the UK are at their highest level for over a decade.

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Eager to understand what was going on with the drug that has existed so comfortably in the subculture for so long, VICE decided to meet up with some drug dealers and drug users in England to find out what ecstasy culture was all about these days and uncover the truth about the current danger associated with it. The result is the short documentary you can find below:

Well that was fairly extensive wasn’t it?

I like the way that VICE can get drug dealers to appear on film to talk about what they’re doing even though they’re not going to show their faces. I mean what’s the point of appearing in a documentary unless you’re going to be at least a little bit famous from it? Sure, you can tell your friends it’s you, but nobody else is going to know and it might end up with you getting busted by the police if they can recognise your voice or something.

Seems kinda pointless, but I guess everyone wants their five minutes of fame, even if you can’t prove it’s actually you. Probably want to hope that their parents don’t find out it’s them pressing pills in their bedroom either. Lol.

Still, good documentary and I hope it will encourage people to think twice before they drop pills and at least try and make sure that it’s OK for them. Of course, there’s no real way to know that but trying is the first step I suppose.

For more on ecstasy, check out these ten stories from the first times people took the party drug. Sounds like a lot of fun.


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