Unhinged Man Harasses Family With Young Child, Gets Tased For His Troubles (VIDEO)


Yikes – that was scary. What I want to know is why this family has a cat flap for crackheads? Really need to get a proper door sorted because that thing is clearly a security issue. Although it did allow the homeowner to throw some impressive kung fu kicks to ward the invader off until the police got there. Amazing flexibility!

Not sure what kind of drugs this guy was on but they must be pretty good if he managed to get up from the taser after 5 seconds and launch himself over the fence like Spiderman. Shame the video ends there but let’s hope they collared him in the back garden or something, because all jokes aside, that must’ve been a terrifying experience for the homeowners and their kids. Not really what you expect at your front door when you’ve got such lovely landscaping is it?

To watch a bounty hunter taser a guy after his girlfriend spat at him, click HERE. Carnage.


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