“We Ain’t Going Back” – Girlfriend Spits On Bounty Hunters & Boyfriend Gets Tased (VIDEO)


Since the success of ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’, a whole load of YouTube channels have popped up where bounty hunters and vigilante groups document their own adventures tracking down drug dealers, violent criminals, nonces and so forth.

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This one showed up on Worldstar earlier and features a pair of bounty hunters showing up to this address looking for a guy named Ben, and ‘arresting’ the entire house instead:

Well that looked like fun. Although it looked like the one hunter pooped his pants when Ben jumped out of that dark corner in the garage. Last thing you need after already wrestling with an aggressive meth-head and then having to deal with the fugitive’s girlfriend throwing shit and spitting all over you. All in a day’s work for these guys though I suppose.

For crazy footage of a shootout between bounty hunters and a criminal at a car dealership, click HERE.


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