Police Taser A Black Man In Walmart As He Screams ‘I Have A Receipt’

He was just trying to buy a bicycle.

If you wanted to know if all the Black Lives Matter stuff from the last few weeks was making a difference, then from first look at this video it looks like it hasn’t achieved anything at all.

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The video comes from a Pennsylvania Walmart where a black man named Stanley Gracius is arrested and tasered with force after a complaint that he was riding his bicycle through the store, playing loud music and being offensive to shoppers. Others contest this, saying that he was test driving the bike, playing music and being polite and nice to everyone who came into contact with him as he rode through the store.

Either way, it seems like as the police arrived he was purchasing the bike and had a receipt for it, so there was no real reason for the police to act like how they are in the film. Take a look at the footage and see what you think:

I mean everything she’s saying there is spot on because even if this guy was being a nuisance, there’s absolutely no need to treat him like this. He clearly has no idea what’s going on from the way he’s speaking and I hate to say it, but I’m fairly sure if a white person had been doing the same thing then it would have all been resolved with a quick conversation.

So stupid how shit like this is still going down, but it’s important to share it so it stops. For real.

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