Police Are Searching For A Woman Who Is Dropping Dog Turds Through Trump Supporters’ Letterboxes

Is this cool?

It’s only six weeks until the American election and everyone over there is really gearing up for the Presidential race, but I don’t think that the woman in this story’s actions are really helping anyone involved in the slightest.

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The unidentified woman has allegedly been posting dog turds in the letterboxes of Trump supporters in the town of Hampden, Maine on Monday and Tuesday of this week (September 13th and 14th). She targeted the Trump supporters by looking for people who had Trump signs in their front yards – she also stands accused of tampering with some of these as well.

Police have released the image that you see at the top of the article of the woman in an attempt to track her down. You can see her wearing wearing a purple top, denim shorts, a black mask and a pair of Crocs, which sort of sounds like an unofficial Karen uniform.

I feel like the term Karen is usually applied to right wing anti maskers, but I think it can probably be used to describe this woman here. I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but I can’t see how this woman posting literal crap through people’s letterboxes is going to to help the situation and thwart his re-election.

If anything, it’s only going to make these people more adamant in their support for him. It really does bring down your whole argument when you act like this and it’s probably one of the worst things about so called ‘woke’ people, in that they often use even worse tactics than the people they’re opposing to try and get their point across. It’s not helping anyone.

Anyway, here’s hoping that this woman gets apprehended and arrested and that it wasn’t too hard for all those affected to scrape the poop out of their letterboxes. Even if they’re Trump supporters, they don’t deserve that.

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