Police Searching For Man Who Masturbated Onto A Random Girl’s Back During Festival In Australia

We promise this won’t happen at the Sick Chirpse party.

Thousands of people attended the St Kilda Festival over in Melbourne this weekend and it was generally a trouble-free affair. However during a performance on the main stage by hip hop group Thundamentals a mosh pit began, in which a 20-year-old girl claims that a man standing behind her ejaculated onto her back:

Everybody was touching each other but I noticed this guy was a bit too close to me and I tried to manoeuvre away. It made me feel uncomfortable, I’m pretty angry towards men. I feel violated but I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.

Senior detective Carin Wood says:

She was watching the band and felt a warm sensation on her back and turned around to see him doing up his fly. There were thousands of people around. It’s obviously concerning behaviour for the police. Surely someone has seen something or knows who this person is. To have the courage to do that and to want to do that is obviously disturbing.

Obviously if any of our Australian readers were there or have any info then hit up Melbourne police. This guy is clearly not right in the head if he can’t find a quiet spot or even wait to get home before whipping his dick out and masturbating over everyone. Proper barbarian behaviour we can do without at festivals.

Here’s a police sketch of the guy:



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