Police Officers Ate Weed On Duty And Called For Backup When They Hallucinated

2 Toronto police officers accused of eating marijuana on duty face criminal charges


It’s fair to say that it’s very easy to do too many drugs sometimes and end up a complete and utter state, but you should only really be getting into these kinds of situations in your own spare time and absolutely not when you’re at work on somebody else’s dollar.

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Maybe you could be forgiven for possibly doing drugs and spinning out when you’re at work when you’re like 18, but when you’re in your mid 30s and a police officer then it really is unforgivable. Nevertheless, Toronto constables Vittorio Dominelli , 36, and Jamie Young, 35, thought that it was a good idea to consume some edibles whilst on the beat, but unfortunately when they started to whitey the situation got completely out of control and they ended up getting arrested themselves. Smooth.

The situation started when the pair raided a marijuana dispensary and instead of handing in the evidence decided to consume it themselves. Good start and not at all like something you might seen a Police Academy move or similar. They ended up getting so baked that they were both hallucinating and needed to call for back up.

It’s unclear what happened then but apparently one of them up in a tree and another officer ended up seriously injured after he slipped on some ice whilst he was trying to restrain them. I bet both of them had a severe case of the giggles when that dude tripped up, I can see it now. Either way the whole situation is so stupid it’s bizarre that it even happened in real life – seriously sounds like something out of some edgy cop comedy show or similar.

Anyway, the two officers were both suspended with full pay since the incident on January 28th and are due in court on June 7th to face charges of breach of trust and attempting to obstruct justice. Good luck at getting off those charges and keeping your jobs guys. Maybe turned up stoned and see how that works out.

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