Policeman Goes To Jail After Pointing His Gun In The Face Of A Guy To Impress His Friends

Jenchesky Santiago

Were his actions justified?

A Maryland police officer has been found guilty of charges of first and second degree assault, misconduct in office and the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence, after placing his gun to a man’s head – without any good reason – in an attempt to impress his friends.

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Officer Jenchesky Santiago now faces a whopping 45 year sentence following the incident. The whole thing was recorded by the victims cousin and was used as evidence against Santiago.

The officer’s behaviour has been described as a ‘power trip’. The video shows the white police officer screaming at the black man to get into the car before he shouts:

I dare you to fucking fight me, son.

What a dick. This is just the latest in a string of police brutality incidents, many of which have been racially driven.

The driver of the car in this video had been questioned by Santiago for nothing more than a traffic violation, as the officer argued that he had parked illegally. The victim of the abuse, William Cunningham – seen in the video, was the passenger of the supposedly illegally parked vehicle, and was merely trying to enter his house when Santiago drew his gun and put it to his face.

It’s a nice change to see that this cop wasn’t allowed to get away with abusing his power. Especially as it could have ended a lot worse. Officers like this need to be kept away from guns, we’ve all seen the kind of damage that can be done if the power goes to their heads.


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