Police Officer Arrests Sorority Girl By Bodyslamming Her Through Pavement (VIDEO)

Apparently this is a “standard technique”.

A video showing a police officer slamming a Colorado State University student face-first into the ground is blowing up this week.

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Officers initially responded to reports of a disturbance near Bondi Beach Bar between two men. According to the police, Michaella Surat, the girlfriend of one of the men, “shoulder-checked the bouncer and an officer and then pulled her boyfriend from the area.”

She allegedly continued to obstruct the officer and refused to leave the scene, to which the officer responded with this brutal takedown:

The police insist that the officer used a “standard technique” to subdue Michaella. Let’s take a look at that standard technique again:


I mean I’m sure Michaella was being very loud and annoying and preventing the police officer from doing his job, but still – that’s a pretty brutal and probably unnecessary move to pull on a skinny 22-year-old girl. Even if it is a standard technique, maybe save it for when such force is required.

Meanwhile, this policeman tried to rugby tackle a topless protester and ended up smashing his face into a brick wall.


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