Another Unarmed Black Man Shot As He Lay On The Floor With His Hands Up (VIDEO)

Black Man Shot Lying Down

Not again.

Anti police sentiment in America and the #blacklivesmatter movement are both continuing to grow in the past few weeks and the cops themselves aren’t doing anything to help themselves in this respect, as they keep getting caught on camera shooting innocent black men for absolutely no reason.

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The latest incident takes place in Miami, where therapist Charles Kinsey was looking after a young autistic boy who was playing in the street with a toy truck. Police were responding to a call from someone in the area who believed that a young man was threatening to commit suicide and when they arrived, they saw Kinsey trying to calm the autistic guy down.

The cops asked him to lie down on the floor and raise his hands and then decided to shoot him. Seriously. Take a look at this, although it’s a pretty sensationalist American TV show version of events:

Wow. I mean I know we don’t see him actually get shot there, but it seems like he was doing everything right in the situation by lying down on the street and complying with police orders and trying to explain what was going on to them. And then they just shoot him and handcuff him and they don’t even know why they’re doing it? Why did they even have rifles pointed at them in the first place?

It’s pretty much obvious to everyone with a brain both inside and outside of America that this is a completely fucked up situation and something needs to be done about it, but sadly I predict it’ll probably be less than a week until something like this happens again.

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