Police Have Launched Online Forms For You To Snitch On People Going Outside Too Much

There’s a lot of debate going on in this country about just what you are and aren’t allowed to do during lockdown and a whole bunch of people seem to be taking the piss and doing shit like playing cricket matches and sunbathing which although technically isn’t against the rules shouldn’t really be happening.

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Police are obviously shutting down these incidences when they stumble upon them, but a lot of the time they haven’t really got any idea idea when they’re happening and if you call them to try and snitch on people, you’re often told off for wasting precious police time. Thankfully though because everyone knows that us Brits love a snitch, they’ve now released an online form where you can grass on that neighbour you never really liked from the comfort of your own home.

Not really sure how effective they’re going to be when you’re literally gonna get a million Karens a day writing in bollocks about someone who looked at them funny in the street once, but I suppose at least it will reassure them that their complaint is being looked at – even if inevitably they will ask to see the manager later on. Strangely enough though there was an immediate backlash to the move on social media with many comparing it to Nazi Germany:

Yikes. Lawyer David Allan Green also criticised the move:

This is unpleasant form of policing and it is‘unwise to encourage neighbour to spy on neighbour, as it tears social fabric.

If police are receiving too many calls, then they should be telling the callers not to waste police time.

Convenience does not justify the externality of creating a fearful society, of neighbours snitching on neighbours.

Gotta say I agree with him and the social media reaction, but sadly we all know that social media isn’t reflective of the majority of the population even slightly. Enjoy snitching on your neighbours guys.

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