Drug Dealer’s Flat Raided After Getting 100 Visitors A Day During Quarantine

Flop shotter.

If there’s anything more suspicious than having 100 stoners in and out of your flat every day picking up their weed, it’s having 100 stoners go in and out of your flat while you’re all supposed to be in quarantine.

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One shotter in Grimsby had no other choice but to sell out of his top-floor flat after the town went into lockdown, and it wasn’t long until neighbours figured out what was going on and told the police.

According to the Metro, this dealer was serving 100 customers at his flat every day, and as if that wasn’t bait enough, the flat had already been raided six months earlier so was already on the police’s radar. Whoops.

A neighbour said:

We are pleased to see the police going in and tackling the problem. It is rife round here and you just watch them hanging around and then going into flats or knocking on windows and disappearing.

Another added:

At last! It has been going on for months. We had 100-a-day coming in at all hours. ‘Most of us are working and don’t see it all day. But one of the neighbours has counted them. We told the police but I suppose they have to wait for the right time.

Lol – I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone more proud to be a snitch than that second neighbour. Although to be fair it must be very annoying hearing/seeing people come and go every day to get their drugs. According to the report, two men were taken into custody and a ‘quantity of cannabis’ was seized. I guess they though that the police would have other things to worry about during coronavirus lockdown? If only we were that lucky.

While we’re on the subject, another man was arrested earlier this week for telling police the ‘essential’ reason he was outside was to pick up some weed. I guess it could be argued.


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