Police Are Hunting This Cyclist Who Assaulted A Little Girl For Putting Up Signs In Support Of George Floyd (VIDEO)

What an absolute douche.

As if cyclists don’t have a bad enough reputation already, this twat dressed like he’s training for the Tour de France was caught on video this week assaulting and cursing a group of people (including a little girl) for posting flyers against police brutality and in support of George Floyd along a Bethesda trail in Maryland, USA.

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Watch below:

I’m not sure what those signs said exactly and obviously it’s this man’s right to disagree with them all he wants, but chances are they didn’t say anything to provoke that sort of reaction. You’re a grown man FFS. Imagine accosting a child like that instead of just riding off on your bike and bitching about it to your buddies or something.

Good news is the police are already looking for him:

Also have to mention the guy who filmed the incident behind the camera. Fair play for capturing the evidence, but how is a full-grown adult male going to stand there filming while this dickhead cyclist puts his hands on a 13-year-old girl? I don’t know if he’s the girl’s dad, uncle, friend or whatever, but grow a pair and put down the camera FFS.

For the university professor who says we shouldn’t use the word ‘cyclist’ anymore because it’s ‘dehumanising’, click HERE. Sigh…


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