Police Discover 300 GALLONS Of Urine-Filled Bottles At Family Home After Neighbours Complain Of Smell


Everyone’s peed into a bottle at some point in their lives, but storing 300 gallons of the stuff in your house? Standard behaviour for this family-of-three over in Kazakhstan, reports MailOnline.

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The parents and their adult son, named Zhenya, have been taken for mental health examinations after police found hundreds of plastic bottles containing 300 gallons of urine stored in their apartment.

The three of them are believed to have been relieving themselves into bottles for a year after having their utilities cut off for unpaid bills in the city of Aktau, southwestern Kazakhstan. For some reason they never got rid of their piss bottles – just left them to pile up for a year.

They were reported to police by neighbours who were sick of the unbearable stench coming from their home, and even then the police had to break in with a crowbar after the family refused to open the front door.

Here’s the scene they were met with:

Those poor neighbours – I can only imagine what 300 gallons of year-old piss smells like. I mean how bad would that smell in the summer? There’s just no explanation for why they were saving it all up. I’m sure you can bucket flush with any liquid, can’t you? They’re just weirdos who were hoarding piss for some reason.

Neighbour Svetlana Nenastyeva told a local TV channel:

We think Zhenya’s parents damage his life and have a bad influence on him.

About two years ago he quit his job, switched to a reclusive life then stopped washing.

This family is a big problem for us. We are tired to live in constant stench coming from their home.

This is Zhenya:

It’s actually pretty shocking the neighbours didn’t report them sooner. Surely you’re getting that stench way before they hit the 300 gallon mark. Now all that’s left to wonder is how the police got rid of all that piss? Do you just load it into a van and go dump it in the forest or something?

Let’s hope this family get the help they need and move on to bigger, better and more hygienic things. Can’t imagine they’ll get into any real trouble over this, even though it is completely disgusting.

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