Police Dashcam Shows Cop Car Running Over A Woman On A Shooting Spree

Madison Dickson

Real life GTA.

One of the best parts of the GTA franchise is how you can just run around the city shooting people and blowing stuff up if you feel like it, and a lot of the time you’re going to get away with it if you know what you’re doing.

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However, if you’re on foot then there’s always the chance that a police car might end up running you over, and it turns out that the same problem is prevalent in real life too if you try that sort of thing. A woman named Madison Dickson was on a shooting spree in Tulsa, Arizona and tried to shoot three strangers and a bunch of cops.

Her actions were deemed so dangerous that the cops had no other option but to run her over:

Not sure if that was really necessary, but she does quite clearly have a gun and you can hear shots going off so it’s more justifiable than a hell of a lot of the stuff you see going down on police dash cams in the states. Dickson was apparently a career criminal in the area too, with several warrants out for her arrest including several shootings, which again makes these actions more justifiable. Still not really that cool though – I’m sure there was another way she could have been detained.

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