High Speed Police Chase Ends With Police Beating The Absolute Shit Out Of Suspect (VIDEO)

Police brutality – still going strong in 2016.

Police officers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts have been relived of duty after they were caught on camera battering a driver after he led them on a high-speed chase from Massachusetts into southern New Hampshire over in the States.

I’m not sure what this guy even did – you’d think he shagged all their mums or something – but whatever it was it certainly didn’t warrant the beatdown that followed.

Watch below:

Well, at least he wasn’t black I suppose? That would have caused quite the outcry. Equal opportunity beatdowns is what the American police are all about going forward. So much police brutality against black guys in the past it’s only fair a white dude receives a kicking once in a while.

It’s important to remember not all cops are wankers though – check out this hero who tackled a guy about to commit suicide off a bridge.


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