Police Ended This Catfight By Pepper Spraying Woman In The Vag (VIDEO)


Bet that burnt for weeks.

It’s unclear what started this brutal catfight, but it must’ve been something bad because there are at least four girls taking part. It’s pretty much got every move you’d expect in a girl fight – repetitive punching, kicking and pulling of the hair and clothes.

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As the police turn up to the scene soon after the fight breaks out, they decide to use some pretty NSFW methods to stop the girls from going at it. As one commenter to the video points out:

Ouch, that indiscriminate pepper spraying while her vagina is exposed had to be painful.

Damn straight. I bet that was burning for weeks:

Crazy shit. Although apparently where this was filmed, in downtown Austin, Texas, street fights seem to be a pretty regular occurrence:

I guess that’s what happens when you mix angry chicks with alcohol. For more epic catfights, click HERE.


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