TV News Presenters Get Into Massive Catfight Over Their Outfit Choices (VIDEO)

Alpha bitch mode – activate.

Here’s a perfect example of how great some girls are at being bitches to each other one second and then acting like best friends on camera the next.

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Australia’s Nine news reader Amber Sherlock went into panic mode when reporter Julie Snook and psychologist Sandy Rae both turned up for TV wearing the same coloured top that she had chosen to wear.

They get into an off-air spat and Amber completely bullies Julie into putting a jacket on.

A brutal display of dominance from Amber Sherlock for sure. No way she’s going to allow the younger, fresh-faced reporter steal her spotlight like that, especially since she’s the main newsreader. Better know your place Julie Snook.

Almost as ruthless as this news anchor and weather girl who also absolutely hate each other.


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