Police Finally Catch And Arrest Notorious Pig Known As ‘Piggy Smalls’

PIggy smalls

They caught the bastard.

Over the weekend, Oregon police officers were overjoyed to close the case of a troublesome potbelly pig. Never thought I’d be writing that sentence.

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According to a Facebook post released by Forest Grove Police Department, the pig known as “Piggy Smalls” (alias “Notorious”) had, “allegedly been harassing residents in the Hawthorne neighbourhood of Forest Grove for the last several months.”

He was finally captured at around 1pm, “by a joint task force of the FGPD Code Enforcement Officer and a representative of Home Sweet Home Properties.”

Smalls was the suspect of three pig-related incidents in just one month last year, including a couple of phone calls from residents reporting Smalls running away.

According to the Forest Grove Police, “Smalls will be released to the custody of an animal rescue outside the city.” Good luck with that – sounds like this pig is past the point of no return. He’s from the streets and ain’t nobody going to turn his bad soul around.

Maybe someone should notify him that America’s bacon supply is at an all time low – then maybe he’ll shape up and start behaving.


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