America’s Bacon Reserves Have Reached A 50 Year Low

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Make America great again.

One of Donald Trump’s campaign pledges was that he was going to make America great again by moving foreign factories back into the country, but it looks like one of the nation’s greatest commodities might not actually be able to handle it.

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Yes, we all know that American people love bacon, but reports are coming in that the nation’s bacon reserves are at their lowest in the past 50 years. The President of the Ohio Pork Council (apparently a real organisation), Rich Deaton, said the following about the ‘crisis’:

Demand for frozen pork belly, frequently made into bacon, is outpacing supply.

Today’s pig farmers are setting historic records by producing more pigs than ever. Yet our reserves are still depleting.

As a result, pork belly prices have increased by 20% in January. However, despite the fact that the price of pork belly may increase and bacon will become more expensive for consumers, you can rest assured that the pork industry will not run out of supply.

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Phew, although I’m not so sure he can even say that because if the price change doesn’t affect sales then surely they will run out of supply? I suppose the price change will cause a drop in sales in theory, BUT I’m sceptical because we all know how much Americans love bacon. I’m also kinda concerned about how this is going to reflect on Trump, as surely the price of bacon increasing straight away into his reign as President isn’t going to please people who voted for him to make the country great again. It’s almost the exact opposite of what he should be doing.

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For more bacon, check out this job in the states where you got paid to be a bacon critic. The dude is probably going to get fired now after this revelation.


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