Police Called After Goose Smashes Through Taxi Window

The perp was a goose.

It’s fair to say that police probably don’t think that when they get called out to investigate a taxi getting smashed up, they’re going to be dealing with a perpetrator who is a actually a goose but this time the really were led on a wild good chase.

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Up in Nottingham yesterday, police were called to an apparent traffic collision but were surprised to find a taxi with a broken window and a goose prancing around inside. The police force’s social media team then proceeded to tweet the following:

Damn – for those of you that don’t know the Goose Fair is some kind of shitty fun fair that happens in Nottingham around about this time of year. I guess this is some kind of bizarre promo for that event that people are hoping will go viral? Not really sure how else a goose ends up smashing up a taxi conveniently right before Goose Fair starts, although those mofos are way tougher than they look. Trust me.

For more geese, check out this golfer explaining why he decapitated a goose at a golf course. Waiting to hear it.


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