American Cop Sparta Kicks Motorcyclist, Breaks His Collar Bone

Police Brutality Video


Police brutality and abuse of power over in America – specifically their shoot first, ask questions later policy – is a massive problem and it unfortunately hasn’t really shown any signs of getting better recently.

Although this footage appears to be from 2012, the victim in has only just been granted $180,000 compensation after the cop broke his collar bone for pretty much no reason. The cop was in an unmarked car and pulled the motorcyclist over for passing cars in a no passing zone.

Oh did I say pulled over? I meant shunted off his bike and then kicked in the chest with a gun pulled on him.

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Hmmm plot twist at the end there right? It’s kind of unbelievable that this guy could cost the police department $180,000 and only get a written reprimand and later a promotion out of the deal. Of course, we all know that they look after their own over there but this seems a little bit too ridiculous doesn’t it? Or maybe his excuse of his muscles already being set really was that impressive.

At least the guy actually got some semblance of punishment and the victim got a sweet payout. We unfortunately can’t really say that enough about these incidents though.

However, it hasn’t got a patch on what went down at these Ukrainian protests.


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