VIDEO: Police Brutality Taken To A Whole New Level

Another case of extreme police brutality at the Arizona riots this week – this time a cop sends a girl flying into a bench with a running forearm smash.

Since the weekend in Arizona, if you didn’t already know, there have been mass riots following what must’ve been a very important game of college basketball. There’s still tons of students running around high and drunk and making lots of noise.

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The police haven’t taken too kindly to this sort of behaviour and have been adequately equipped with bean bag guns and pepper spray, not that those are the weapons of choice for this cop you’re about to see smashing a young girl into oblivion.

The girl doesn’t seem to be drunk, acting abusively or generally doing anything wrong until “Captain Bullied in School” gives her a brutal forearm to the face sending her flying into a park bench. Not sure she really deserved it, and neither does the angry mob surrounding him, not that they do shit about it apart from whine and continue to film.

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