VIDEO: Invincible Man Takes Police Beating Like A Champ During Arizona Riots

This guy has balls of absolute steel – watch the grin on his face as he walks right into the police’s line of fire.

College basketball is a big deal over in the States, and over the weekend the aftermath of a big game in Arizona called for riot cops to show up on the scene and start blasting people with bean bags and pepper spray balls.

Not sure what this particular dude had in mind here but he just casually strolled out ahead of the cops and completely no-sold all the bean bags and spray balls hitting him in the chest. Guy doesn’t even flitch as the projectiles bounce off him and doesn’t seem too bothered when they charge him and beat him to the ground either. Hardest beast mode rioter of all time?

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What a badass. Here’s a pic he took after being released from lock-up:

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