Police Break Into Apartment To Rescue Blow Up Doll

Blow Up Doll

Great police work guys.

Dutch police were left looking pretty stupid the other day after they decided to break into an apartment to rescue an inflatable doll.

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The police force in East Amsterdam were alerted to the possible problem when neighbours reported seeing a woman dressed only in black lingerie standing listlessly at a window in her apartment. Worried that she might be hurt or injured, the police tried to get her attention by ringing the doorbell and banging the door, but to no avail.

Eventually they decided to just beat it down to find an inflatable doll. No wonder she couldn’t hear the banging or the doorbell!

For some reason, the police force thought that it would be a funny story to share this on their Facebook page, and they put a funny slant on it by saying that they were really glad that no actual person had been in danger. Yeah, just brush over the fact that you’ve wasted valuable police time and are pretty much incompetent there guys.

Great police work guys. Really inspiring. There’s no news on where the owner of the inflatable doll was but we can probably assume that they won’t be leaving it in front of any windows and going out anytime soon because they probably don’t want to get their house smashed up again for no reason.

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