Excellent Footage Of Police Catching Moped Thieves After They Stack It On Bikes… Twice (VIDEO)

That’s how it’s done.

Some of the most satisfying viral videos of recent times have involved the UK police stepping things up in their battle against moped thieves, and this clip released earlier is no exception.

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These particular moped thieves are the same scumbags who threatened a young mum and her son while they were walking home from school about a year ago, before thankfully being chased off by builders working nearby.

One of the crew had told Phoebe Ruele ‘give me your rings or I’m going to hurt your child’.

Here’s a clip of that if you don’t remember it:

So anyway the gang were finally caught following another incident, after a 90-minute chase through 10 London boroughs (!), which ended with them stacking their bikes and all four being arrested.


All four were jailed at Kingston Crown Court today, along with six other members of the 12-strong gang who were also responsible for a string of high profile raids across London. Two were spared jail.

The gang were also behind the theft of £170,000 of camera equipment used to film the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. 

Nine of the 12 had racked up 383 previous convictions for burglaries, handling stolen goods, car theft, aggravated vehicle taking, assault and robberies between them. The other three had no previous criminal records. Hey, gotta start somewhere right?

To watch Essex police absolutely batter the moped thieves who doused them in petrol over in Basildon last week, click HERE.


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