Police Arrest Man While He’s Taking A Dump In 7/11


Having to take an emergency shxt in a convenience store bathroom is bad enough, so just imagine having that emergency shxt interrupted by a whole police crew trying to arrest you while you’re still sat on the toilet.

That was this dude’s experience at a 7-Eleven in Colorado a few days ago:

Good thing they brought that riot shield along in case he decided to start flinging shxt at them. Turns out the man behind the video, who goes by ‘The Insurrectionist’ on TikTok, had a warrant out for his arrest which he explained in a follow-up video.

Despite his pleas that he just had a little bit left to wipe and was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, the cops insisted he get up off his bum or get shot up with a pepperball gun in the tiny stall – which just about the only way the situation could’ve panned out even worse for him. So he had no choice but to pull up his shxt-stained underwear and get hauled off to the police station. Although, if you’ve got time to start recording, you probably have time to wipe your bum too. Priorities.

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