Police Are Appealing For Information After £1 Million Worth Of Weed Found On The Motorway


It’s not every day that £1 million worth of weed is found at the side of the motorway, so that’s why police are appealing for information about the unusual find after that much of cannabis was discovered on the M1 in south Belfast.

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The weed was packaged up into a couple of bin liners and was being transported through Northern Ireland attached to the roof of a horse box like vehicle when it fell off and found itself at the side of the motorway. Detective Inspector Aubrey Shaw is now asking for anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward:

This is a significant amountof drugs, which have been taken out of circulation. This will have a huge impact on the organised criminals involved in its importation, depriving them of commodity and, most importantly, profit.

We are continuing with our enquiries, and I want to make a number of appeals about the vehicle involved, its movements and its whereabouts. At this time, the lorry has not been located.

Were you on the M1, westbound in the Blacks Road junction area between 6.30am and 7am? Do you remember seeing the lorry? Did you witness the incident, or do you have dash cam footage of what occurred, of the vehicle and its movements? Do you know where this vehicle is now?

I would take this opportunity to appeal to anyone who has any information which they believe may assist our investigation to call us on 101 and quote reference number 361 of 03/10/20 or submit a report online using our non-emergency reporting form via [].

It’s kind of a bit tinpot that they haven’t been able to track down the lorry as it always looks so easy to do this on TV shows – just run the plates and head to the owner’s address where it’s usually found and if not then just interview them – but it seems like that’s a bit harder to do up in Ireland for some reason and they just have to rely on criminals being stupid and not securing bags properly in order to stop crime. Hope they manage to get someone emailing in to help them.

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