Police Blast 15-Year-Old Girl With Pepper Spray After She Gets Hit By A Car (VIDEO)

Was she asking for it?

As a general rule, I don’t think police officers should be pepper spraying 15-year-old girls. But was this young lady over in Maryland asking for it?

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According to her lawyer Robin Flicker, here’s what went down:

She was flipped over in the air, came down hard on the pavement, was motionless there for at least 30 seconds. Then she recovered, woke up and the ambulance came. She did not want to go with the strangers in the ambulance, she wanted to go to her home nearby. She got on her bike, started peddling away to go home, and a huge officer grabbed her off her bike without any warning whatsoever from behind.

Police Captain Paul Kifer’s take on it is slightly different:

The reason she was placed in custody, is first and foremost we were investigating an accident she was involved in. She attempted to leave on a bicycle … she refused to give any info on who she was.

Here’s the footage – it gets going at around 3:05:

Not saying this child should have been pepper sprayed, but I can kinda see why they thought they had no choice. Resisting arrest, swearing, kicking out, screaming like a lunatic, all because she doesn’t trust white police officers? I think the cops were stunned by how little she was cooperating considering all she needed to do was give some info and they probably would have let her go home.

I suppose this is what happens thought when there’s a race war going on and you add a 15-year-old girl to the mix.


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