Poker Player Wins $15 Million; Has Weirdest Reaction Ever

Poker Player Weirdest Reaction Ever

You could at least crack a smile dude.

Some guy I haven’t heard of called Daniel Colman managed to defeat Daniel Negreanu in a World Series of Poker One For One Drop event and win $15 million but his reaction has to be the weirdest reaction to anyone winning $15 million in history.

Instead of being happy he just looks really pissed off and edgy about it. Granted he might feel bad about it because he got pretty lucky on the last hand beating Negreanu – although not as lucky as the guy who won the luckiest bad beat ever – and Negreanu was being kind of annoying about it too to be fair but still, the guy just won $15 million for fuck’s sake. He could at least crack a smile.

The weirdest part is definitely when Colman just stands in front of the pile of money looking really weird though.


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