Pokémon Go Streamer Gets Knocked The F Out And Mugged While Live Streaming (VIDEO)

Pure brutality.

The other night, blogger Rickey Yaneza was out live streaming his Pokémon Go adventures (with a 3-phone setup no less) in Central Park; specifically Grand Army Plaza which is a well-known Pokémon hot spot.

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Here’s what happened while he was moments away from catching a Snorlax:

Savage move by the robber to delete everything off Rickey’s phones at the end of the video, but I guess he wasn’t getting them back anyway. Here’s an update from Rickey:

Not to blame the victim or anything, but a Chinese dude walking around with three phones in the middle of the night in New York and babbling about Pokémon kinda screams “please rob me”. Except he didn’t just get robbed – he got punched in the face camera, lost all his phones AND got his Twitch account suspended. Absolute disaster of a day.

Still, could’ve been worse – he could have literally walked off a cliff while playing.


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