The Pogues Completely Rinse Laurence Fox On Twitter Over ‘Fairytale Of New York’ Controversy


We told you earlier that the original version of ‘Fairytale Of New York’ was being banned from getting played on Radio 1 and that there would probably be a backlash whatever happened regarding how they chose to broadcast it and guess what? There already has been.

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It was probably fairly obvious that right wing commentator and former actor Laurence Fox would probably get involved over the censorship issue and he’s wasted no time at all jumping in, saying that he’s suitably outraged by the BBC’s actions and is starting a campaign to get the original version to number one so that they have to play it on Radio One as part of the Official Top 40. He doesn’t waste any time does he?

What an absolute lemon. Anyway, in a crazy turn of events, the actual Pogues got involved on Twitter and completely rinsed Fox, saying the following:

Wow. I didn’t know what ‘herrenvolk’ means but I assumed it was derogatory and when I looked it up it exceeded even my wildest expectations. Here’s the Google definition:

The German nation as considered by the Nazis to be innately superior to others.

Herrenvolk Democracy: a system of government in which only the majority ethnic group participates in government, while minority groups are disenfranchised.

Holy shit. Shots fired. What an absolute corker of an insult to use against Fox. Read it and weep boy.

As if this tweet wasn’t even to clarify the Pogues’ views on the controversy, they also moved to further cement their stance on the issue with the following replies as well:

Yeah, again I can’t see why so many people are getting so upset about this when The Pogues themselves aren’t even that bothered and it doesn’t really change that much about the song, seems such a strange thing to feel so passionately about to me. I guess people just need something to rally around these days. Add this to the list alongside masks and vaccines I suppose.

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