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Since we left Plumpergeddon things have gotten a bit out of hand, with a TV show getting involved and direct contact with old Plumpy himself. Find out what’s been happening here.

You might remember a while ago that we featured a tumblr called Plumpergeddon as a Best New Tumblr Find. You can click on the link if you want and find out all about it, but to summarise the tumblr was about a guy who was more than likely drugged and had his laptop and cards stolen.

But the guy who took his laptop didn’t realise that it had tracking software in it so the dude whose laptop was stolen could see every website the crook went on and also use the webcam to see his face. He eventually decided to start a tumblr making fun of this dude, as he seemed especially pathetic and spent most of his time jerking off over pictures of fat girls. Or checking eBay listings at 2:00 am on New Year’s Day and countless other inane activities.

In short the guy was a loser and the victim made a tumblr exploiting this and it’s hilarious. For some reason the police refused to arrest the guy despite all this evidence, I can’t remember why but it probably had something to do with a technicality. It’s always a goddamn technicality. In any case, the dude behind the tumblr kept posting loads of pictures of him because hey, they’re his pictures right? It’s still his laptop legally, so technically the pictures belong to him, and he’s recently taken it to the absolute next level, hence this update.

Over the summer, he was approached by a TV channel and they joined forces planning a little sting operation on old Plumpy (the guy behind the tumblr calls him this because of his love of fat chicks, and we’ll be doing the same throughout this article) though his eBay, to expose the crimes he committed and to well and truly mess him up. Eventually after a couple of weeks, Plumpy agreed to meet up with the presenter and well and truly shat himself when he found out that it wasn’t actually a legit deal and the presenter laid into him about stealing the laptop. All of this was caught on some carefully positioned hidden cameras.

Unfortunately we can’t show you the footage from that sting yet because it’s going to air on TV later on in the year (not sure what channel or when, but we’ll definitely bring you the video when it does emerge) but we can show you a couple of pictures of it. We can also tell you that the dude behind the tumblr took these – so he was sitting incognito five feet away and got to hear Plump’s pathetic denials and crying and whatever during the sting which must have been supremely satisfying for him.

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You might think that nothing can top that – at least until we see the video – but in fact you would be very, very wrong. Check out what happened next over the page:

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