This Plug Means You’ll Never Have To Reset Your Router Again

Reset Plug


In 2016 for the average person living in this country, the sad reality of life is that one of the major problems you’re going to encounter is when your internet fucks up. Most of the time you can fix this by resetting your router and it isn’t that much of a big deal, but even that’s pretty annoying as you have to go and get it, unplug it and wait around hoping that it’s worked and then probably have to do it again a couple more times before it ACTUALLY works.

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But that might no longer be the case thanks to the invention of the ResetPlug. Basically if you’re experiencing internet issues then this plug will switch your router on and off until the problem is resolved and you don’t have to do anything.

It basically monitors the WiFi connection by acting as a WiFi client in order to test the connection. If it fails, then the plug will automatically reset the internet connection every five minutes until it can detect WiFi again.


So now you can just sit in your pants in your bed on your laptop waiting for it to come back on, instead of messing around with the router yourself and getting more and more pissed off that it isn’t working. Not sure how great that is really but it does avoid the messing around part – I suppose you can just go on the 3G on your phone though and be stoked that it isn’t your problem, unless it doesn’t come on for ages and you have to phone your ISP up, which is something nobody ever wants to do.

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It ultimately saves you a bit of time but might get you even more stressed out about it as you won’t actually know what’s going on with it, you just have to let it do its thing and have no idea if it’s working or not until the internet comes back on. And to be fair it might have done that of its own accord anyway – you’ll never know.

I’m pretty unsure about it right now. But considering that it costs $60 (around £41) then I doubt I’m going to be trying it any time soon to find out. Nice idea though sure.

To be honest though, with LiFi set to replace WiFi soon, maybe this will soon be a problem of the past anyway.


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