French Playstation Ad Features Woman With Four Breasts

Playstation Advert Four Breasts

If you’re facing really low sales of your new product, how do you turn it around? By using a woman with four breasts in your advertising campaign apparently.

Playstation Advert Four Breasts

This is pretty weird. Not just because it’s French, but because, well, it has a woman with four breasts in it. Does anyone think that an advertisement that features a woman with four breasts on it is going to be good for business? Seriously? Well yeah check out the ad above. Maybe if you have a French GCSE you can translate the tagline, if not I’ll just do it for you: ‘Touch both sides. Twice the sensations.’ You get it, it’s because boobs are really sensitive, and I guess the new Playstation is really sensitive too? Does it have a rumblepak with it or something?

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Apparently not, it’s just because the new Playstation Vita (which I guess is some kind of new Playstation version of a GameBoy or something, I really don’t know because I’m really out of touch with video games) has a front touchscreen and a rear touch panel, which I guess is kind of like the Z button on a N64 controller. I don’t really know how that would work because surely you would have to put your fingers around the back of it just to hold it so would be accidentally touching buttons on the rear touch panel all the time and fvcking up your high scores, but I’m sure the guys at Playstation have tested it a bunch and know what they’re doing so I’m not gonna question that.

What they probably should have spent more time testing though was the reaction to this advert because although it’s almost funny in a kind of shrugging whatever way, it’s also really dumb and kinda gross and probably more likely to put people off buying a playstation vita rather than encourage them to get involved with it. Or maybe this is just my stuck up English attitude and French people would be really into this kind of stuff. Apparently a spokesperson for Sony has said that ‘it is not creative that we are running (or would ever consider) running in the UK. I guess French guys are notoriously sexist so it kinda makes sense over there. The Playstation Vitas are probably flying off the shelves so they can experience double the sensation.

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Probably not though because the advert was Sony’s attempt to address low sales of the Playstation Vita. Apparently they thought they were going to sell 16 million units this year but it’s actually looking more like it’s going be 10 million. Ouch. Let’s hope this advert does it’s job and sales pick up, it seems like there’s a lot riding on it. Which kind of begs the question, if there’s so much at stake, why bet on a woman with four breasts?


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