Australian People Are Pissed Because Their New $5 Bill Looks Like Clown Puke

Australian Dollar Front

What were they thinking?

On Tuesday morning, the Reserve Bank Of Australia proudly unveiled their new $5 bill which will replace one that’s been in circulation since 1992. Unfortunately, it was roundly dissed on social media, with some users describing it as clown vomit.

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Here’s the original tweet and some of the best criticisms:

And here’s what the original $5 bill looked like:

Australia $5 note

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Well yeah, I can understand their frustration when you’re going from that to the bill you saw at the top of the page. I mean what the hell? It does look like clown vomit or the kind of currency that you get when you go to a theme park and play in ‘Itchy and Scratchy dollars’ or whatever.

You know when you go on holiday and the currency is always really weird and you kind of think you’re not spending money because you don’t really appreciate its true value? Well you would definitely think that this note was worthless if you picked up a bunch of them at the airport when you landed in Sydney.

Just in case you’re wondering, the stupid things crawling across the note aren’t bacteria or toilet brushes but actually the prickly-leaved wattle, a shrub native to the continent apparently. Not doing such a good job of depicting that though, am I right? Still, they’re coming into circulation on September 1st and there’s nothing anyone in Australia can do about it. So people are just going to have to deal with it.

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