The ‘Planet Earth 2’ Crew Has Some Very Good News About The Baby Turtle Scene


It’s not as dark as you think.

‘Planet Earth 2’ signed off from our screens last night with a never before seen look at how wildlife exists in the world’s cities.

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One of the more epic parts of the episode involved a bunch of tiny turtle hatchlings, who were disorientated by the city lights and mistakenly made their way into the urban environment where they experienced all kinds of sad fates, like being run over and getting stuck down storm drains. Pretty tough watching, but then again most of ‘Planet Earth’ can be pretty heartbreaking at times.

However, we’ve got some good news for you. ‘The Planet Earth 2’ crew weren’t completely heartless when filming these turtles having an absolutely terrible time – they instead picked them all up and returned them to the ocean after they had shot the footage that they required:

Whilst everyone seemed fairly content at that explanation – look at all those retweets dude – there was one guy who wasn’t satisfied with it, asking the BBC what happened to the turtles after they had returned them to the sea. The Beeb had this covered though, posting this video of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project which continues to rescue and fight for turtles all year round and had been remarkably helpful in the filming of the show.

So there you go, it seems like you needn’t be so worried about all those turtles that you saw getting a completely hard time last night – they are all probably OK and there are a lot of people out there looking out for them. Good.

As for ‘Planet Earth’, there’s no news on a third series yet but here’s hoping we don’t have to wait ten years for it again eh? Not really sure what I’m going to do on Sunday nights these days now.

For more ‘Planet Earth’, did you know that some of it was faked? That’s not so good.


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