Plane Travelling At 200MPH Misses Pranksters On Runway By 2 Feet

Near Miss

If there’s ever been a video that causes a severe case of sweaty palms and a clenched ass, this is it.

Near Miss

OH man, just watching this video gives me sweaty palms and a clenched ass. This is a mega close call to a double manslaughter/suicide case. Well, either that or two new entries for the Darwin Awards.

I’m trying to figure out why these two numb-nuts are on the runway in the first place? The one dude is messing around on his quad bike and the other person (can’t work out if male or female?) is filming. A few seconds into the clip a light aircraft can be seen gunning it down the runway. At this point the dude on the quad bike is pretty much in the centre of the runway while the person filming the dude on the quad bike (and now also the approaching plane that looks like it’s about to kill them both), is positioned somewhat to the edge of the runway. As the plane gets within spitting distance of the dude on the quad it makes a quick bail to the right and SOMEHOW manages to avoid both people, but nearly taking off both of their heads in this absolutely bonkers fly-by maneuver.

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Was this a trick in which all three parties were involved? Did the dude on the quad and the camera person think the runway wasn’t in use? Surely they would have noticed the plane taxi’ing before almost killing them? So many questions, so little answers. Either way, it’s a totally adrenaline pumping video to get your Tuesday afternoon kick started alongside your triple strength filtered cwoffee.

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