Wrestler Jumps Off Balcony At Shopping Centre & Obliterates Three People In One Move

Holy crap.

In a move that definitely didn’t receive clearance from the shopping centre or local government authority that sanctions these things, an independent pro wrestler dived off the balcony at Espalanade Mall in Louisiana and hit his opponents with a triple cross body smash.

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Imagine seeing this in Westfield or at Bullring:

Yikes! That could have gone horrifically wrong but I guess it’s a viral video either way. Considering these independent wrestlers get paid peanuts it’s probably not a bad way to get yourself noticed by WWE. Also not a bad way for shoppers to pass the time watching these guys try to break their own necks while the other half is looking at shoes or whatever.

The best bit though? This little kid to the left of the screen that gets so pumped and excited that he starts spontaneously breakdancing:

That’s what wrestling does to some people, especially Americans.

To watch a dude get hit with the nastiest Ric Flair chop during a real life fight, click HERE. How emasculating.


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