Pizza Hut And KFC Are Collaborating On A Gravy And Popcorn Chicken Pizza

KFC Gravy


Last Friday it was National Pizza Day and we hope that you celebrated by heading to your favourite pizza restaurant and chowing down on the best that they had to offer.

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One thing that they almost certainly wouldn’t have had on the menu though was this insane collaboration between KFC and Pizza Hut known as The Gravy Supreme. The unbelievable pizza combines the best loved dishes from each fast food restaurant to come up with something that looks truly monstrous.

Get a look at this:

Wow. If you weren’t sure exactly what was on the pizza there, then you’ve got cheesy bite pizza, popcorn chicken, sweetcorn and KFC gravy. Delicious, although I’m sure some pizza purists out there will complain that it’s not strictly traditional pizza toppings, but you get them every time something new and exciting comes out. Just let it be dude.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date on this video for the pizza or any indication whether or not it’s actually real – for all we know it could just be some cool promo video to promote both brands on National Pizza Day. Hoping that this isn’t the case though and we’ll be able to tuck into this very soon. Why would they tease us with this if they weren’t going to let us eat it?

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