Pizza Hut Just Launched The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box

As if we needed another excuse to order pizza.

Have you ever been at a party that was totally ruined by a debate on which tracks to queue in the Spotify playlist? Because I have, so many times and it’s the absolute worst. While hiring a DJ is usually out of your budget, some of your more musically talented buddies may be down for spinning some tunes but aren’t likely to bring their gear across town on public transport only for everything to get obliterated by a single drink spillage.


Luckily the marketing geniuses over at Pizza Hut have combined our love of takeaway pizza with our obsession with music and invented the world’s first playable DJ pizza box. Never again will your party turn to petty mid-song changes and you’ll have an excuse to order pizza as a bonus, not that we ever needed one.

The neat little boxes may be quite hard to get hold of as they’ll only be available on collection from five selected stores across the UK; fingers crossed it’s your local branch. In the video below, DJ Vectra demonstrates exactly how your foldable decks will work. As far as we can tell, they function in exactly the same way as even the most professional turntables. Legit.


Best keep some napkins nearby as nowhere mentions how immune to greasy cheese hands these clever cardboard contraptions are. Not sure which is better, this musical invention or the pizza box that doubles as a weed pipe. They’re both pretty essential IMO.


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