Pizza Company Creates Pizza Box You Can Bun Weed From After Using It

Game changer.

A new US based pizza company named ‘Push For Pizza’ has invented a pizza box that you can use to smoke weed with either before or after you’ve finished eating the contents.

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The innovation comes in the form of a handy tear off strip that you can fashion into a pipe using the cardboard and the box stand (the part that keeps the cheese off the cardboard) as a filter, because it’s ceramic and heat resistant. You attach it to the cardboard pipe and won’t inhale any toxic cardboard fumes as it’ll block them out. It’s pretty much like having your own homemade bong in essence I suppose.

Here’s a handy GIF explaining how it works:

Pizza Pipe

Genius right? And A+ for these guys for knowing their target audience – getting baked and eating pizza pretty much go hand in hand don’t they?

One problem over here would be that people tend to get stoned by smoking spliffs rather than bongs, but I suppose if the pizza pipe was right there, there’s no way you wouldn’t try it out would you? And you get a pizza as part of the equation too. It’s a no brainer – sign me up.

Combine these with the new Adidas trainers with a special compartment for keeping your weed, and you’re good to go.


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