Pizza Hut Employees Live Stream Restaurant Sex Session On Facebook (VIDEO)


What goes on behind closed doors.

Music producer Ace Brown wondered into a deserted Pizza Hut recently, only to make a rather shocking discovery.

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After walking into the restaurant in Imperial Park, Bristol, he stumbled upon two Pizza Hut employees going at it. Of course the appropriate action was to live stream the whole thing on Facebook.

In the footage, Ace begins shouting out for help before walking into a room and finding a man and woman in the staff uniform out back.

Although you don’t see the two of them full on fucking, Ace repeatedly says that “they were beating” (meaning sex) and that the guy was doing his trousers up:

That girl seems pretty shifty, asking her lover/co-worker if he had locked the door. Then again, that Ace guy is an annoying prick and even if they had been fucking, what was he playing at storming through the back like that?

Avon and Somerset Police are now probing the footage to see who is at fault. Clearly there’s not a lot going on in that part of the country if this incident is worthy of an investigation.

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