You Can Now Get Pizza With A Grilled Cheese Crust And It Looks Incredible

Pizza Grilled Cheese Crust

That’s the WHOLE crust.

With the advent of such innovations as stuffed crust pizzas, hot dog stuffed crust pizzas and cheeseburger stuffed pizzas, it’s really surprising that somebody hasn’t come up with the idea of stuffing the entire crust with grilled cheese, so a pizza is pretty much just like a pizza on a grilled cheese sandwich.

But now they have, and it’s remarkably easy for you to make too. The honour goes to Amy Erickson from Oh! Bite It and she describes it like so:

I’ve stuffed the entire crust, not just the edges, in what turned out to be one giant grilled cheese, topped with everything we know and love about pizza!…

There will be zero ‘crust waste’ with this pizza… In fact, I’d say with this one, the crust is the BEST part!

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Grilled Cheese Crust Pizza

Well, I suppose that’s slightly overenthusiastic but to be honest it does sound like it would be completely and utterly delicious doesn’t it? To make it is remarkably easy too, provided you know how to make a pizza from scratch.

You just get all the ingredients you need for that, and then when you make the base put down ten slices of cheese – or however many you want to use, you can pick the cheese too – and put some more dough on top of it and continue making the pizza as you normally would with the tomato sauce, more cheese and all your favourite toppings. It’s that easy and it’s even tastier when you put it in your mouth.

Enjoy – maybe try them with some with some bacon wrapped onion rings on the side too.


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