This University Now Has A Pizza ATM Machine On Campus

ATM Pizza

Cheesy goodness on demand.

I’m sure we’ve often dreamt about going up to a hole in the wall, punching in what pizza you want and then waiting for it to be cooked and dispensed to you and it turns out that these dreams might finally become a reality.

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Well, if you’re lucky enough to attend Xavier University in Cincinnati that is, as they’ve just installed the first ever pizza ATM in North America. Apparently these babies are fairly common in Europe although I’ve never heard of one or seen one, and I’m kinda distressed by this fact. Still, if they’re rolling them out in the US now surely it can’t take too long for them to show up over here? Here’s hoping.

Anyway, here are the details behind it. Each ATM will hold around 70 pizzas and once you’ve paid for it the pizza will be heated up for a few minutes and then dispensed to you in a cardboard box, much like your standard pizza experience. They only cost $10 as well which seems like a fairly reasonable price for a delicious looking pizza right there and right then.

The marketing director for auxiliary services for Xavier University, Jennifer Paiotti claimed that she was a New Yorker and that the pizza dispensed from this ATM was the best that she’s ever experienced, but I can’t really believe that when you look at it, can you? I’ve been to New York as well and the pizza there is excellent on the most part.

It seems like a completely ridiculous statement to make, but maybe it is that good. It officially opens on September 8th so maybe we’ll find out then. In the meantime, check out the world’s most expensive pizza. Won’t be getting that out of an ATM anytime soon.


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