Pixar Releases Trailer For Studio’s First Ever Movie With Gay Main Character

Meet Pixar’s first ever gay main character in new film “Out”.

A gay main character has appeared for the first time in a Pixar animation with “Out” – a short film released on Disney Plus on Friday.

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It’s about a beefy fella named Greg who struggles to come out to his mum and dad as he gets ready to move to the city with his twinky boyfriend Manuel. The drama kicks off when Greg’s parents turn up uninvited at his house and offer to help him pack.

Here’s the trailer:

Well you can tell where Greg gets that physique from considering his dad is built like an absolute shithouse. Something Manuel is gonna want to keep in mind for when he inevitably discovers he’s banging his son. Unless the parents are immediately cool with it when they find out the truth? Gonna have to watch and find out I suppose.

The good news is that the dog is on their side and appears to be helping to hide the evidence that Greg & Manuel are gay, though the trailer ends with an unsuccessful attempt by the pooch to prevent Greg’s mum from finding their framed photo. I don’t have Disney+ so not sure what happens next, but I’ve got a feeling it all works out in the end. Greg expects the worst but is pleasantly surprised by his parents’ reaction even though they’re probably a bit shocked initially. I mean it wouldn’t exactly be a Pixar film if the parents start dropping F-bombs and disown their gay son, would it? Good on Pixar for pulling this off anyway, I’m sure the LGBT crew have been waiting for something like this a long time.

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