Pixar Have Revealed How Every One Of Their Movies Is Connected

Toy Story

So many Easter Eggs.

Pixar totally revolutionised filmmaking for both adults and children alike when they came up with Toy Story back in 1995, and they’ve followed it up with 17 classic movies since.

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It’s often been thought that the movies have all taken place in the same universe and that Pixar have dropped a number of Easter Eggs in each of them to hint at just how they’re all connected, but that’s never been fully  revealed until now. Pixar have just dropped a short movie on the Toy Story Facebook page explaining all of this.

Get ready:

I mean most of those are completely obscure and it’s unlikely that you would have ever realised them if you didn’t spend your whole entire day studying Pixar movies (some of them don’t even look that much like the other people in other movies), but it’s still ingenious that Pixar spent so much time figuring all the links out and inserting them into each movie. You gotta love the little rewards you get for paying that extra little bit of attention.

For more Easter Eggs, check out Quentin Tarantino explaining how all his movies are connected. Bit different, but same principle.


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