Pitbull Just Ended Coronavirus For Good With New Song ‘I Believe That We Will Win’

It’s finally over.

Pitbull has released maybe one of the worst songs ever created aimed at raising money and awareness of relief efforts around the world fighting coronavirus.

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It’s not about the quality of the song though, it’s about the message. Pitbull has taken the terrible chant that American football fans used at the last World Cup and made a whole song out of it directed at the pandemic. It’s a classic Pitbull cringe-fest with some of the most basic rhyming ever conceived on record:

Pitbull gets clowned on a lot and for good reason, but fair play to him for doing this and contributing to the cause. I mean we all feel 100% better about the situation after listening to that, right? You could send this song to Boris Johnson right now and I guarantee he’d lift lockdown immediately. It’s basically the cure to coronavirus!

OK we should probably still let the scientists and experts figure out the vaccine and whatnot, but essentially coronavirus is as good as dead and it’s all thanks to Mr 305 himself. What a hero.

For Pitbull’s cover of Toto’s Africa, click HERE. That one solved world hunger.


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